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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nothing is More Exciting Than Watching Aang

The show starts with waterbender Katara, and her brother Sokka - a warior from the southern water tribe came across the last airbender, Aang. Still trapped in the Avatar state, Aang was able to save himself and his air bison, Appa from drowning. This scene starts the breathtaking adventure to stop the fire nation's quest for world domination and annihilation of the Avatar. Just recently, The Last Airbender was released as the movie adaptation of the cartoon series. While it led to mixed reviews, some of which have heavily criticized the film, no one can deny that it is one of the most phenomenal series to hit the television.

If you can't get enough of the series, and somehow would like to experience the same adventure that Aang and his friends had, then you should download avatar the last airbender games. You can start by looking for them online, as a lot of game apps offer free trials, which feature Aang fighting with crowned prince Zuko and an army of firebenders. You start at the lowest level called an apprentice, and when you earn some skills, you advance to the status of a warrior, and then a master warrior, and the Avatar state. There are also some avatar the last airbender games that allow you to choose your character and bending powers. You can even choose to be the opponent if you want to. The adventures are the same as what you've seen in the series, with each book requiring a certain element to master. With these games, as Katara says, you can change the world.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Aang and Zuko Dragon Dance

One of the highlights of the Chinese New Year celebration is the spectacular Dragon Dance. It's history goes back to the Han Dynasty (180 - 230 CE) in ancient China. The Chinese have always perceived the dragon as being sacred and possessing power, courage, righteousness, dignity, fertility, wisdom, and auspiciousness. New Year festivities celebrate the outset of the planting season in China. The dragon represents rain and good fortune, elements crucial for the agricultural crops. This mythical beast takes the physical form of many animals; it has the horns of a stag, the ears of a bull, the eyes of a rabbit, the claws of a tiger, and the scales of a fish distributed along the body of a long serpent. It was believed these combined traits allowed the creature to walk on land, fly through the heavens, and swim through the waters. These powers gives the dragon the authority to rule the clouds and to control the rain.

The Dragon Dance requires the coordinated efforts of a team of dancers who come from martial arts groups. The dragon consists of a head mask and a lengthy body which is held up with poles and transported by the dancers. The lead dancer holding the dragon's head has an extremely important job. He or she makes the dragon twist, leap, crouch, and dip, as sinuous as a snake. The dragon mask itself, usually colored red, green, or gold, is gorgeous and very complex in design. Sometimes the head has animation and pyrotechnics that belch smoke. The number of body sections can vary, sometimes using as many as 25 sections divided by hoops of bamboo. The longer the dragon, the more good fortune.

The dragon is difficult to manipulate and requires well-trained dancers in top physical condition. The creature moves in precise patterns to the music provided by drums, cymbals, and a gong. Onlookers throw firecrackers at the dancing dragon's feet to scare away any evil spirits and also to assure the beast is fully awake from its hibernation. The color green on the dragon stands for an extraordinary harvest, yellow is for the solemn empire, prosperity is represented by gold or silver, red is excitement, and the dragon's scales and tail are a shimmering silver symbolizing joy. At times, at larger celebrations, a spectator might see a Double Dragon Dance where two groups of dancers intertwine their dragons in intricate patterns. A truly rare performance involves nine dragons (Kawlung) because nine is a "perfect" number. However, such performances necessitate the coordinated efforts of several dance troupe.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aang and Katara a True Love Fanfiction

The Last Airbender movie has been an ingenious reinvention of the Nikelodeons animated series and has had children completely besotted with its characters. If this is the case with your children then you can make their day with the Last Airbender Costumes. You can buy the costumes for characters Aang, Katara, Zuko and others and all are made extremely well and look so great you'll be wishing you could fit into them yourself to wear to the Halloween party. For that fact these costumes would make great kids Halloween costumes especially Zuko with his urn scar on his face or Aang with his facial markings.

The Last Airbender Deluxe Aang costume is for all those little boys who love to do martial arts or play at it, you can buy the costume with or without a robe and you can purchase a staff separately. The Aang costume comes in small, medium and large and even includes an Aang mask. Then there is The Last Airbender Deluxe Katara costume which any girl will love. Buy this for your girls Halloween costume and she'll be the happiest ever. The Katara costume looks exceptional with its dark blue robe and long wide sleeves. Katara is from the southern water tribe and is a master at manipulating water. These costumes should really fire the imagination of your youngsters.

Perhaps the kids prefer the character of Zuko, the baddie turned good from the Fire Nation. Zuko's costume again is fantastic, more ornate that Aang's and again the children will love dressing up in these costumes that have their background in the Far East, Japanese and Chinese traditions and martial arts.

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