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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Last Air Bender Book 3

Episode 41: The Awakening
Aang wakes up finding himself crippled and with hair on board a Fire Nation ship with the gang, Bato and Hakoda all in Fire Nation disguises. Aang finds out what has happened since he entered into his coma and decides to keep his continued existence a secret until the eclipse. Zuko has a fear of rejection as he and Azula return home to be greeted by Fire Lord Ozai.

Episode 42: The Headband
Aang and the rest of the team steal Fire Nation clothes, but Aang finds out he stole a school uniform, and is taken to a Fire Nation school by soldiers who believe he is skipping class. Meanwhile, Zuko is becoming paranoid with the Avatar's fake death and goes to the prison and pleads to Iroh for advice.

Episode 43: The Painted Lady
Following a long polluted river, Aang and the others continue their travels toward the Fire Lord. Aang spots a rather dinky looking village on the river and they head over for food. The group pretends to be from the Earth Colonies. Seeing the starving and ill people, Katara wishes to help them. Over the next few days a mysterious spirit, said to be the guardian of the town, appears, heals the sick, and leaves food. Aang finds out that Katara is the spirit and helps her to destroy the factory polluting the water. After scaring off the angered soldiers the next day, the group swears the town to secrecy and they help clean up the river.

Episode 44: Sokka’s Master
A meteor shower occurs creating a fire in the land and Sokka can only watch as the others work to prevent the fire from hitting a nearby village. Wanting to contribute better to the group and not feel left out, Sokka hears of a sword master that can train him. After finding the master and gaining his acceptance, Sokka trains to sharpen his mind through several tests. At the end, he makes his own sword out of the black meteorite that fell from the sky. Meanwhile, Iroh devises a plan to escape prison and starts body building in secret. However, he acts feeble and insane in front of the guards.

Episode 45: The Beach
Zuko, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee go on vacation to Ember Island, where they learn much about themselves and one another. Meanwhile, Aang and the rest are being chased by an assassin, hired by Zuko, who has a unique firebending ability. It takes the combined skills of all the group to escape, and when they do, he is hot on their trail.

Episode 46: The Avatar and the Firelord
The episode begins with both Aang and Zuko being told that they need to learn more about their pasts. Aang is told in a dream to go to Avatar Roku's birthplace, while Zuko receives a mysterious message saying he may know about his great-grandfather’s past. Aang and Zuko learn about Sozin and Roku's childhood friendship. However, things between them changed, as Roku became the Avatar and Sozin the Fire Lord. Eventually they became rivals and the end of their relationship marked the beginning of the war. Zuko learns that Sozin and Roku are his paternal and maternal great-grandfathers.

Episode 47: The Runaway
Katara expresses her disapproval when Toph starts to defraud Fire Nation civilians for quick cash. Toph thinks she is acting too motherly, and a rift occurs within the group. But, when Katara decides to perform a scam with Toph, they are left vulnerable and must face the repercussions.

Episode 48: The Puppetmaster
The gang discovers there have been strange disappearances in a spooky town. There, the innkeeper - an old woman is secretly a waterbender from the southern tribe. Hama - teaches Katara some of the Southern Water Tribe's past, and some of their special waterbending techniques. Meanwhile, Toph has been hearing strange voices calling out from under a nearby mountain. Katara discovers Hama has been kidnapping civilians with a technique called 'bloodbending'. The resulting battle forces Katara to fight Hama and save the others from her grasp.

Episode 49: Nightmares and Daydreams
The group arrives at the rendezvous point for the invasion four days ahead of schedule but Aang begins to get nervous about confronting the Fire Lord. Feeling he is unprepared, he trains constantly, leading him to hallucinate and have terrible nightmares. The group tries to help him relax in their own comical ways, but when he stops sleeping entirely, he goes insane. It takes the collaboration of the other three to finally get him to relax, and he finally can sleep well.

Episode 50: The Day of Black Sun Part 1: The Invasion
The invasion begins on the day of the eclipse, and Sokka's invasion plan carries out. Hakoda returns with all of the friends the group has made over their adventures (Haru, Teo, The Duke and Pipsqueak, the Foggy Swamp Tribe, The Boulder and Hippo, etc.). The Mechanist has also put some of Sokka's ideas to work, including submarines and tanks.

Episode 51: The Day of Black Sun Part 2: The Eclipse
As the invasion force fights their way to the Fire Nation capital, Sokka and Toph help Aang to find the Fire Lord in time for the eclipse. Although Azula tricks them before they can find him, Zuko confronts his father, and vows to help Aang defeat him. Ozai tries to attack Zuko with Lightning but Zuko redirects it back to him. He then attempts to free Iroh and ask his forgiveness, but Iroh has already escaped. Aang escapes with the youngest members of the invasion to the Western Air Temple.

Episode 52: The Western Air Temple
Seeking redemption and a chance to be on Team Avatar, Zuko follows Aang and his friends to the Western Air Temple. There, he desperately tries to prove to them that he has changed for the better. It is only when he helps save the group from 'Combustion Man' that he gets the group’s tentative acceptance and a dark warning from Katara.

Episode 53: The Firebending Masters
After Zuko's firebending powers weaken substantially, he and Aang go to find the origin of firebending through the temples of the Sun Warriors. After discovering that the Sun Warriors still exist, Zuko and Aang realize that the original firebenders aren't extinct but rather are protected due to the actions of Iroh. Eventually, the firebending masters teaches Aang and Zuko the real art of firebending.

Episode 54: The Boiling Rock, Part One
Sokka and Zuko travel to the Fire Nation's top security prison, the Boiling Rock, in hopes of saving Sokka's father, Hakoda. After discovering Suki - and realizing there are no Water Tribe members being held captive - Sokka and Zuko hatch a plan to escape by using the cooler as a boat through the boiling lake; Chit Sang, a prisoner of the Fire Nation, finds out about the plan and joins the effects. Eventually, Sokka, Zuko and Suki did not escape (it was only Chit Sang and some of his friends). Sokka spots Hakoda arriving within a new batch of prisoners while Chit Sang's escape was ruined.

Episode 55: The Boiling Rock, Part Two
Sokka, Zuko, Suki, and Chit Sang redouble their efforts in escaping the Boiling Rock, involving Hakoda in their plans. They escape by making a riot as a distraction and the Warden as the captive. However, problems for the gang arrive in the form of Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee when they got into the gondola. Eventually, they were able to escape with the help of Mai's treachery to Azula by helping the gang. After Ty Lee steps in, Azula punishes both of them.

Episode 56: The Southern Raiders
Azula's airships attack the Western Air Temple, forcing the gang to move. Soon after, Zuko confronts Katara about her distrustful disposition to him. The Fire Prince then visits Sokka to find out more about his mother's death. He quickly figures out the identity of the force that invaded the Southern Water Tribe with aid from Sokka's recount. Katara and Zuko then decide to find the Fire Nation soldier responsible by finding the Fire Navy Communication Tower. It is where they find information about the Southern Raiders′ patrol routes. After finding the Raiders' Flagship, they storm aboard and capture its Commanding Officer. However, the Officer they apprehend claims that he replaced the Officer they seek and that he retired four years earlier. Katara and Zuko eventually find this man, and confront him. However, she finds herself unable to kill him. After returning, Aang was proud of her for not seeking her revenge and Katara has finally forgiven Zuko of his past betrayal and gives him a warm hug. The episode ends with Aang remarking that violence never solves anything. In response, Zuko asks him what Aang will do when he confronts his father.

Episode 57: The Ember Island Players
The group is now hiding on Ember Island in the former vacation house of the royal family. Sokka discovers that the Ember Island Players, a local thespian group, is putting on a production on the group's adventures titled "The Boy In the Iceberg"(A reference to the title of the first episode of the series). When they arrive at the playhouse later that evening, it is discovered that the writer has put together a very odd parody, and the Cabbage Merchant is listed as a source. The play consisted of most of the events from Books 1, 2, and a futuristic view of Book 3. Everyone is furious at their portrayals, except Toph, who is played by a gigantic, musclebound actor. Sokka, seeking a more realistic representation, gives the actor playing him some tips on the role, and gets very enthustiastic when the tips are used. Meanwhile, Aang is insulted at how the character of Katara referring to her love of Aang as brother and sister, and expresses his love to Katara.. As the entire group leaves, they all express disdain towards the play.

Episode 58: Sozin’s Comet, Part 1: The Phoenix King
As Zuko and Aang train hard before the comet arrives, Aang realizes that he cannot wait until after the comet passes to confront the Fire Lord. He must do it within 3 days, as the Fire Lord is going to use the power of Sozin′s Comet power to destroy all of the Earth Kingdom. Since the monks raised him to care for all life, Aang cannot wrap his head around the thought of killing the Fire Lord. While he is meditating, he falls asleep and sleep walks/swims to a floating island. When everyone wakes up and are about to leave for the capital of the Fire Nation, they realize Aang has dissapeared. They search far and wide, but cannot find him anywhere. When Aang awakes he finds himself far out to sea.

Episode 59: Sozin’s Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters
While the gang tries to find Aang by relocating an old “friend”, Aang consults his past lives in finding a death-free way to end the Fire Lord's rule. When the gang travels to the breached wall of Ba Sing Se, they find their past masters- and Zuko meets up with Iroh. In the end, the heroes split up to fight their seperate battles, Katara and Zuko go to the Fire Nation Capital to take down Azula and Toph, Sokka, and Suki go to destroy the airships threatening the destruction of the Earth Kingdom, while the Masters head for Ba Sing Se.

Episode 60: Sozin’s Comet, Part 3: Into the Inferno
As the war rages on Zuko and Katara attack Azula, but she challanges Zuko to an Agni Kai. Zuko is wounded by a blast of lightning meant for Katara. Katara then battles Azula. Meanwhile, Aang is avoiding the Fire Lord′s attacks while thinking of a way to defeat him but not kill him. Sokka, Toph, and Suki attempt to halt the fleet while the Order of the White Lotus battles for Ba Sing Se.

Episode 61: Sozin’s Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang
Toph and Sokka continue to destroy the Fire Nation air fleet while Aang continues to battle the Ozai. Iroh and the Order of the White Lotus Members take back Ba Sing Se. Sokka, Suki, and Toph manage to destroy all the airships. Aang masters the Avatar State becoming a fully-realized Avatar, defeating Ozai and manages to find an alternative to killing him: taking away his bending. Katara defeats Azula, who appears to have gone mad, and saves Zuko. Later, when Zuko is getting ready to be coronated, Mai come's in and helps him. They get back together and share a kiss and are very happy together. Anyway, the gangs watch as Zuko is coronated as the new Fire Lord and meet up at the Jasmine Dragon. There, Katara and Aang share a kiss. Thus, the story ends.

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