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Monday, April 5, 2010

Avatar Traffic, The Legend Of Aang

Avatar of Mig33 gets high response from the mobile community in Asia, including Indonesia. Launched in January 2010, this service user traffic reached 1,000 messages per second or about 100 million per day.
Success with Avatar has encouraged more aggressive 33 Mig develop services. Vendor plans to enrich the service by adding the application of social games, a private group, the prize. This approach is expected to boost the popularity of mobile community chat into an entertainment of Social Services (LES) is massive, and also laid the foundations for economic development of the virtual world
Mig33 - which has nearly 40 million users - claiming that the service was developed to contribute to the increase in ARPU of more than $ 1 per month in countries like Indonesia and India. These models follow in the footsteps Tencent QQ (QQ) of China, where 8% of the 500 million users pay less than 2 U.S. dollars per month and has now grown into a public company with assets of 38 billion U.S. dollars.
"Providing our users the avatar is the latest step of a long series of initiatives to expand our proposition on the market, as well as in the mission to become like the QQ for all the world ', said Steven Goh, CEO and founder of mig33. He added that the combination of models and services Our payment was to give each user a paid ARPU of which comes from some developing countries in the world with ease virtually.
GIH claimed the move is significant because this result was not only entertainment comparable to the Social Services (LES) who have been successful in East Asia and North America. ''But also from some developing countries in the world that have only hundreds of dollars per month income. These countries include Indonesia, India, Kenya, Bosnia,''said Goh.
Until now, mig33 users in Indonesia reached 15 million users. Aside from being a community of mobile, mig33 also offer increased income through the sale of credit used mig33 users to purchase virtual items (virtual goods), VoIP phone, SMS, games. mig33 already took some of Indonesia's largest telecommunications operators such as Indosat and Telkomsel. mig33 is an active community, both online and offline.
In December 2009 then, mig33 held its first national ground coffee in Margocity Depok. This event record-breaking two Indonesian Record Museum (MURI), which is the largest leatherback replica made from waste collected in surrounding areas Margocity event, Depok and ground coffee from the largest number of participants who pinned the ribbon for World AIDS Day
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