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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flying Bison Appa In Avatar: The Last Airbender

For fans of avatar would know about Appa Dunk. That loch flying bison who always accompanies Aang go anywhere. Aang with Appa meeting itself is told in the episode "Appa's Lost Days", when Appa was kidnapped, and dream when first met Aang Appa (a touching episode, hizk ..). The episode depicted a young air travelers flying bison were asked to choose who will be lifelong friends of their lives. To attract the attention of Aang's flying bison offers an apple, and apparently liked the animal. So Aang gave a bison with "Appa", which comes from the word "Apples".

Then yesterday the streets in google. Enter keyword fad Appa. Turns out there is selling a doll, very funny nice plus, so want to, hehe .. but unfortunately sold abroad, hizk .. whereas his puppet khan funny, very fitting for a gift
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