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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aang and Katara Fanfiction

Avatar the legend of Aang is about a good spirited, 12 year old character that is a reincarnated spirit of the planet which has been manifested in a human child. Aang must master the 4 elements of the planet in order to reinstate peace. This large burden was dropped onto his shoulders early on in life which later was the cause of him being frozen in suspended animation for over 100 years until he was awakened by Sokka and Katara. His bald head is a strong symbol as his monk status of the Air Nomads and the arrow shaped blue tattoos that mark him as an airbending master. He hails from the Southern Air Temple where he was guided and protected by Monk Gyatso. Once his entire kind died he ran away because he did not want to be separated from his guardian. However, after two members of the Southern Water Tribe, Sokka and Katara, releases him from the giant ball of ice he learns about the war between 3 of the nations and the fire nation.

The avatar the legend of Aang was discovered when he was at a young age when he chose 4 specific toys which were also chosen by all of the previous avatars had done before him. The 4 toys included (air) a string powered propeller, (earth) a wooden hog monkey, (water) a clay turtle flute, and (fire) a wooden hand drum which was amongst literally thousands of toys. Each child must go through this procedure in order to be recognized as the real reincarnation as the great Tulku Lama in Tibetan Buddhism. Aang was raised by many of the airbender monks who gave him the perfect surroundings needed to help him grow. He lives a carefree life including play, frequent travel, and mastering an almost effortless control over his native element. However, as he grew a bit older his life changed dramatically once he was informed about avatar the legend of Aang and what he was do including mastering the 4 elements of the planet in order to reinstate peace.

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