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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Computers and Technology, Software Article Category

Instructions: Using the installation disk: First ensure that Outlook has been totally removed from your system. Here, we also assume that you have already backed up your Outlook data for importing later into Outlook. If you didn't backup your Outlook data before un-installation, you won't have access to your Outlook data after Outlook has been reinstalled. Let's begin with the installation process.

Insert the Office installation disk into the CD\DVD-ROM drive of your computer, close any window that pops up automatically after inserting the disk, and double click on the My Computer icon on the desktop. Locate the CD\DVD-ROM icon of the drive and double click on it. It will automatically launch the setup process. When finished, double click on the Setup icon to start the installation. Follow the wizard instructions, select Outlook from the listed Microsoft Office components, enter all the necessary information such as product key, accept the license agreement, and complete the process. When prompted, reboot the computer. It is must to reboot the computer. Otherwise, the installation won't be completed.

Without the installation disk: It is not possible to reinstall Outlook without the installation disk. If you have misplaced the disk, then you must contact Microsoft support services for the replacement media. If you downloaded the product from Microsoft's website and never with a disk, then you must look through your mails or data to find out the link that you initially downloaded Outlook from. If you don't have access to that link, then contact Microsoft support services for the link or installation disk. You will be required to present your original proof of purchase\shipment to Microsoft in order to prove that you are already a user of the particular program.

Additional Tips: If you purchased Outlook as a standalone product, then install it using its own disc and not the Office disk. You must have access to your product key to reinstall whichever Outlook version you have. If you downloaded Outlook from Microsoft's website, then you must have got the product key in your email. If you have misplaced the product key and are unable to find it, download an automatic (free or paid) tool from a trusted website to find out the product key. It is recommended that you download such program from only trusted websites in order to avoid carrying virus infections into your computer. Usually, product key is printed on the back or inside of the CD case.

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