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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nickelodeon Avatar , The Channel and Anime Cartoon Story

The character of Aang has been correctly depicted in the cartoon episodes of Avatar - The Last Air Bender. Aang consists of a character that does not care about anything in this world. He has to undergo various challenges through out the story and at last he attains the position where he can control the different elements like the water, earth, fire, and air. The story portrays that there had been a war between the people of different elements for centuries and Aang is the one who can top it, for this purpose Aang must attain the Avatar state. Avatar- The Last Air Bender story line brings about all the ups and downs and makes every episode a successful and action filled one.

The character named Aang is always found to be hand in hand with a Bison, which is named as Appa. It also has certain super powers such that it can control air similar to Aang. Gyatso who is a monk does the father role of Aang. Aang has easier access to all air bending techniques, which poses the first sign that he would become the Air Bender. Even before the age of twelve Aang used to perform new techniques with air which no one could. Thus making him a special person. People were worried of the consequence of the war, which would take place. The signs of war had been always given by the Fire nation.

In the storyline comes the Avatar named Roku who had been murdered by the Fire nation. This character name Roku is the Avatar long before the period of Aang. The leaders of the Southern temple wanted to put Aang under serious training, which made him, go away from his father. This made Aang highly terrified that he decided to run away and not return till the situation changed. When Aang had made his idea of running away he was spotted by the fire nation. But Aang showed certain powers, which made him and Appa to be lost in an Iceberg where they were not seen for nearly a hundred years. In these hundred years many changes took place and the Fire nation took over most of the nation. The Water tribe included Katara and Sokka who were wandering constantly.

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