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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Avatar The Last Air Bender story line brings about all the ups and downs

Avatar the Last Air Bender, is an incredible American animated TV series that comes in Nickelodeon. Aired for only three seasons on TV, this series has been brought to being by Brian Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino. The three seasons are namely; Water (Season 1), Earth (Season 2) and Fire (Season 3). This show of Pilot episode was aired on TV for the first time on 21st Feb, 2005.

Avatar, The TV series:
This TV show has enchanted viewers of all age with its stunning martial art feats, the improbable imagination of the plot and outstanding visual arts effect. Set in a background largely influenced by Asian culture and Chinese martial art Avatar the last air bender is an exceptional merge of domestic cartoons of US and anime style. The show also sketches and makes basic exploitation of the institution of Asian culture.

The synopsis of Avatar the last air bender revolves around the main protagonist Aang and his adventures. He and his friends must save the world from the evil forces of Fire Lord. Together with his friends, Aang must also put an end to the disparaging wars with the Fire realms. Only 12 years of age, Aang is the only one of the kind, in his generation Aang is a typical hero fighting for the protection of the world while Sokku and Katara are sentinels to the master in his journey to conserve this world.

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