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Monday, July 11, 2011

Avatar Last Airbender Episodes Never Fail to Surprise

In a time before our time their lived four nations who existed in harmony and peace. The Earth Kingdom, the Water Tribes, the Fire Nation and Air Nomads. Each nation had a few men and women known as the 'benders' who could learn to harness and control their talent and manipulate their Native Element. Earth benders could create an entire train system, water benders could heal wounds. In every episode elemental bending replaced energy powered machines in real life.

In each generation was born a bender who once they mastered their own element, could learn to control all four. This was the Avatar. The very spirit of the world manifested in human form. As they died they were reborn in the next Nation in the cycle.

It begins with the Fire Nation becoming greedy and setting out to control the world. It was believed that since the Air Nomads were destroyed and their temples and monks eradicated that the Avatar was never given the chance to be reborn. But in the South Pole a small Water Tribe holds on to life and it is there that the last water bender Katara and her warrior brother discover a 12 year old boy suspended in hibernation in an iceberg. He is Aang an airbender from what was believed to be the the extinct race of Air Nomads. He is also the lost Avatar. And their quest begins. He must learn to harness his power and the other three in order to save their world from domination by the Fire Nation.

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