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Monday, July 11, 2011

It Is So Much Fun to Watch Avatar The Last Airbender

About five years ago, the channel Nickelodeon made one of their greatest cartoons ever, Avatar the Last Airbender. It seems as if the series is based on a graphic novel because they call each of the three seasons a book and all of the avatar episodes are called chapters. However, it was not originally an Asian graphic novel. The show was an original creation by American writers who used a lot of Asian influences to create it.

The avatar episodes follow the story of a young boy with an arrow tattooed on his head. He is called Aang. He lives in a world that has four nations called the fire nation, the earth nation, the water nation and the air nation. Each nation has the ability to bend their own element. Watching the cartoon characters bend their elements is quite beautiful because the creators based each style of bending on a different martial art. However, it is only the avatar that will ever have the ability to bend all the elements, and that person is the boy Aang.

About a century earlier, Aang had been part of the air tribe. He was being raised by monks who told him that he was the avatar and that he would never have a normal life. This news upset Aang so he ran away. He got stuck in an iceberg with his friend the flying buffalo. While he was in the iceberg, the fire lord started a war, and peace between the nations came to an end. All of this activity happened before the storyline of the cartoon begins. The very first chapter is when Aang comes out of his ice and realizes that peace has ended and he must use his skills to bring peace back.

However, Aang ran away before he learned to bend all the elements so the avatar episodes follow his quest to learn to bend the other elements. Along the way, Aang makes several friends, and he finally achieves peace at the end of the series. Avatar the Last Airbender won many awards and is a great show.

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